Trent-Severn & Rideau Canal season unchanged this year

Parks Canada’s heritage canals are open as usual this year despite the severe budget cuts imposed on the organization.
(post updated by Dave Ballinger on May 21)

It was announced by the Minister of the Environment the Hon. Peter Kent on Friday May 18 that the hours of operation for the heritage canals in Canada will remain the same for this year. In his statement he also stated that the daily hours of service will be impacted next year.
This most recent announcement was in response to the reaction and feedback from business and community leaders who would have been impacted directly by the previously announced possible changes to the length of this year’s navigation season.
The comment by the Minister of changes next year will still be of concern to the businesses, communities and users of these wonderful canal and waterway systems. So expect to see and hear more on this subject over the coming months.

Locations of the Trent-Severn Waterway and Rideau Canal

Location of the two main canals managed by Parks Canada as living National Historic Sites

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